Cristóbal Balenciaga

The Making of a Master (1895-1936)

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This detailed and documented account is written by one of the top specialists of this period of the artist’s career. For the first time, light is thrown on the life and creative path of the master up to its culmination in Paris, going in depth into the rich and sources of origin in which Balenciaga would later base his great work.

This period of Balenciaga’s life is presented here for the first time, after largely being ignored and undervalued in various studies done about him and many exhibitions attempting to examine the evolution of his work. This thorough analysis shows that Balenciaga was already a fashion designer in all his creative maturity and with extensive business experience when he arrived in Paris in 1936, at the age of 42. By then, he had already opened as many as seven fashion shops. He dressed the royal family, the Court, the upper echelon of European society, the bourgeoisie and the upper-middle class of San Sebastián, Madrid and Barcelona. Moreover, he had vast experience in the world of haute couture and he knew many other designers, suppliers, buyers and clients. Balenciaga had his own set of ideas, as well as artistic and style influences. Balenciaga’s success was undisputable since the presentation of this first Parisian collection in August 1937, and this was not by chance. This study shows that Balenciaga succeeded in Paris due to the obvious fact that, regarding his profession, he was a master, not a student.

This is a beautiful edition with abundant illustrations, aimed at both specialists in fashion history and all those interested in the figure considered to be the master of fashion in the 20th century.

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